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Fes (also spelled Fez) is one of the most enchanting cities in Morocco and is known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning architecture. Located in the northern part of the country, Fes is often considered the cultural and spiritual heart of Morocco. It is renowned for its ancient walled city, or medina, which is one of the largest urban car-free zones in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage site. The city is divided into three main parts: Fes el-Bali (the old, walled city), Fes el-Jdid (the new city, home to the Mellah, or Jewish quarter), and the Ville Nouvelle (the modern French-created section).

The Medina of Fes el-Bali is a labyrinth of narrow streets and alleyways, packed with historic mosques, madrasas (Islamic schools), and palaces. The most iconic landmarks include the Al-Qarawiyyin University, founded in 859 AD and recognized as the world’s oldest continually operating university, and the Bou Inania Madrasa, known for its exquisite Marinid architecture and intricate Islamic tile work.

Fes is also famous for its traditional crafts and industries, particularly leather goods produced in the ancient tanneries, such as the Chouara Tannery, where visitors can observe the traditional methods of dyeing leather using natural materials. The city’s souks (markets) are a treasure trove of Moroccan handicrafts, including ceramics, textiles, and metalwork.

The city’s culinary scene is a reflection of its rich cultural tapestry, offering a variety of traditional Moroccan dishes such as tagines, couscous, and pastilla. Fes is also known for its street food, including snails in broth and the sweet pastry, makroud.

Fes hosts several cultural festivals throughout the year, including the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music, which attracts musicians and audiences from around the globe for a week-long celebration of spiritual and traditional music.

Despite the passage of centuries, Fes retains a timeless charm, offering a glimpse into a past where culture, education, and spirituality were intricately woven into the fabric of daily life. Its atmospheric medina, rich history, and vibrant culture make Fes a must-visit destination for those looking to immerse themselves in the depth of Moroccan heritage.

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